Nonstop Flights: Austin to London $394-$426 r/t – Norwegian Air UK

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[06/16/2019 @ 9:23 PM] Still available. Fewer dates than last month.

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Norwegian Air UK has round-trip flights from Austin (AUS) to London (LGW) for $394-$426, NONSTOP.  Flights September to October. Departures on Thursday and Saturday. Extended Weekends available. Origin/Destination reversible.

Note: Norwegian Air charges a fee for meal service. You may want to pack your own meal before your flight. Carry-on bags have a weight limit of 22-lbs, which is lighter than most airlines. Checked bags and seat selection have a fee.

Note: The “Full Service” fare class is available for +$90 more each-way. It covers the cost of meals, seat selection, and bags.

Note: We often see British Airways fares that have twice the baggage weight allowance with meals provided for less than the cost of the “Full Service” ticket on Norwegian.

  • All Example Dates: (BookingBuddy / Norwegian Air) Sep 26 – Oct 01 / Oct 03 – Oct 10 / Oct 05 – Oct 10 / Oct 10 – Oct 15 / Oct 17 – Oct 22 / Oct 17 – Oct 24 / Oct 19 – Oct 24 / Other dates: There are more dates available than the ones we list here, experiment on your own.

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