Nonstop Flights: Austin to/from Denver / Las Vegas *$48 / *$68 r/t – Frontier

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Frontier has round-trip flights from Austin (AUS) to Denver (DEN) or Las Vegas (LAS) for *$48 / *$68, NONSTOP. That’s $24 / $34 each-way. Flights are midweek, January to March. Most flight availability will be in February. See the Flight Details section of this post for example booking dates.

*Frontier Airlines charges a checked/carry-on bag fee of $30 each way. This fee is avoidable if you can pack what you need in a personal item such as a small backpack. You can read more about avoiding this fee on our Sister Publication, Escape Houston here: [Tip: Avoid Frontier Airline’s carry-on fee].

Note: Unless you absolutely need a specific seat, YOU SHOULD NOT PAY FOR ASSIGNED SEATING. Instead, skip it during your booking process and it will automatically assign you a free (random) seat at the gate.

Different booking sites may have slightly different prices, availability and routing. You may want to do a quick check on BookingBuddy to see if any other airline is offering something better before finalizing your purchase.

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Flight Availability: Austin to Las Vegas as of 12:30 PM on 1/8/16.
Flight Availability: Austin to Las Vegas as of 12:30 PM on 1/8/16.
Flight Availability: Austin to Denver as of 12:30 PM on 1/8/16.
Flight Availability: Austin to Denver as of 12:30 PM on 1/8/16.

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