Hopper Flash Sale: Ends 7/21 at midnight – Flight coupons: $100 off Seoul, $60 off Barcelona, $60 off Paris, $50 off Lisbon, $40 off San Juan, +more

Deals are usually valid 24 to 72 hours after posting, but can expire at any time (see time-stamp).

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[07/21/2023 @ 10:19 AM CT] Price list updated.

To book: Use our updated link list.
Or book with these sites: Hopper.

Hopper is having a flash sale where they allow for up to 25% off select hotels and up to $100 off select flights. The full list of todays discounts is available on our website. These Hopper deals are vary common, usually once a month or so. You can easily be informed when these Hopper sales start by setting up your app notifications.

Pair this sale with a quick Google Flights search and you can usually get a fairly decent flight pairing.

This sale is about on par with what we’ve seen in the past. There are a lot of crappy $15/$20 discounts in the list, so we’re focusing on the discounts that are greater than $25. They’re at the top of the list with a star. Watch out for websites and blogs that are pairing this deal with one-way Spirit/Frontier trash fares for click-bait titles like “Free flights”. In all of those cases you’re just saving “$x” from the coupon on a one-way flight you’ll want to avoid. You can usually get a better value by using the discount on an airline that doesn’t charge fees for bag or seat selection.

Anyways, the full list is on our website, expect it to fluctuate with with new additions and some deletions in the next few days before the sale ends.

If you book on Hopper, keep in mind that any support and booking is via “App Only”. They don’t have a customer support phone number.

Use the links on our website to pull up the fare.

Price list updated 7/21/2023:
*$60 Paris
*$40 San Juan
*$60 Barcelona
*$100 Seoul
*$50 Lisbon

These marked with ^ are new:
^$20 Fort Lauderdale
^$20 New Orleans

These are back online, they were available on 7/19.
$20 Las Vegas
$20 Orlando
$20 New York
$15 Atlanta
$20 Chicago
$20 Denver
$20 Miami
$15 Dallas
$15 Houston
$15 Phoenix
$15 Seattle
$15 Tampa
$20 San Diego
$20 Nashville
$15 Austin
$20 St. Louis
$15 Pittsburgh
$15 Kansas City
$15 Albuquerque
$15 Bozeman
$15 Santa Fe
$10 Savannah

Price list updated 7/20/2023: (these are currently expired)

*$40 Montego Bay
*$50 Santiago
*$100 Rome
*$40 Mexico City
*$30 Toronto

These are all priced between $10-$20 off.
San Francisco
Las Vegas
Fort Lauderdale
New Orleans
San Antonio
St. Louis
Outer Banks
Kansas City
Atlantic City
Santa Fe


You can find more details about the sale on Hopper’s website (linked).