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[08/06/2015 @ 1:04 PM] Due to the advance purchase requirement, most of the available days in August are expiring. Updated calendar.

United and Delta are offering round-trip flights from Austin (AUS) to Los Angeles (LAX) for $177, NONSTOP. Flights are available most days of the week in August, including weekends. Fare is reversible.

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[07/22/2015 @ 10:26 AM] Correction: Fares before mid-October have been removed. Those from October to December are still available. (Was Aug-Dec)
[07/24/2015 @ 1:34 AM] This deal looks like it’s ending soon. Price has increased.

Delta and United have round-trip flights from Austin (AUS) or San Antonio (SAT) to Belize (BZE) for $285 with a connection. Flights from August October to December.

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